The stem lab of the school contains kits and equipment on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to encourage the students to become active learner, innovators and problem-solvers. Stem lab of the school helps us to create and nurture and ecosystem of learning-by-doing. Students learn about technology, motions, mechanisms, electronics, coding, etc with the help of trained teachers through robotic workshops, night camps, etc.

Stimulating Classrooms

We encourage understanding beyond the syllabus. We provide a classroom environment that fosters excellence and motivates students towards better performance. Classroom environment affects a student’s learning process by as much as 25%. DWPS Raigarh has partnered with the best organisations to provide top-notch smart education to not just our students but our teachers & parents as well. We have collaborated with;  ENTECRES for a fully-equipped STEM lab and Edu Sports for providing holistic education through sports.


We at DWPS believe that participation in Activities helps add positive qualities to a student’s character. Story telling or Playing out real life situations such as camping or construction allows kids to learn about their real environment and this helps them develop physical mannerisms and communication skills.  Team-based sports impart qualities such as leadership & team building, whereas solo sports such as chess, tennis, badminton increase moral strength.


We also have an extensive library which can be accessed by students from within the school. Students can use the library to prepare presentations of their work which also helps them to improve communication skills.The library of the school attracts the attention of the students by its unique seating arrangement and appearance. The school’s library consists of books from different branches of knowledge including novels, biographies, journals, story books, encyclopedias, etc. The students come to the library according to their time- table and can read books under the supervision of Librarian.

Dance, Music & ART Room

The school provides equal opportunity to the students to learn dance & music in the well furnished Dance & Music room under the guidance of trained teachers. They are trained for various dance forms such as classical, folks, western genres, etc. Students are also trained to play musical instruments such as guitar, table, harmonium, drum, etc. The school organizes cultural programs to give a platform to students so that they can exhibit their talent.

Art and Craft Room: The school also focuses on fostering intellectual development, self expression and creativity among students. Art and craft room allows the students to explore different art forms such as painting, sketching, handcrafts, etc in the well maintained art & craft room under the guidance of trained teachers.

Amphitheatre & Play Ground

In the front of school building  is a unique open air Amphitheatre  surrounded by ascending seats  to allow the children to express themselves .Children gather here for morning assembly , small play or dramas through which they showcase their talents, creativity and gain confidence.

The playground of the schools has respective courts for students to learn basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, etc. under the supervision of their PETS. Also the school has play area for pre primary child consisting of swings, sliders, and various equipment to enjoy their play time. The school conducts sports week to allow students to participate in various sports activities.

Computer & Mathematics Lab

The school has well maintained computer lab to enhance scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. Students learn basic computer skills and programming under the guidance of trained teachers. Every student has access to the terminal in the well equipped lab.

The school believes in ‘learning by doing’ and to cultivate this habit various labs are designed one of which is Mathematics Lab. This lab of school enables the students to visualize, manipulate and reason various mathematical concepts via educational kits, puzzles, games, etc available in the lab. Students learn various ways to solve mathematical problems through such equipment under the supervision of trained teachers.